Saturday, 23 March 2013

was the first time..

on 22nd March 1990
at 1:14 pm

was the first time i see the world
was the first time i cry
was the first time i inhale the Oxygen

the most wonderful is
it was the first time

i listen to iqamat
i heard the kalimah Allah..Allahu akbar (2x)
by my father
directly into my left ear

on that day
on that time
my mother was in pain
very painful
the most painful pain ever after the painful of death

i must obey both of them
i must make them happy
i must bring them to the Heaven

yes..i must!
otherwise, it a sin
one of the biggest sin!

O Allah! please guide us to the Straight path (1:6)


pha is said...

heppy belated birthday...

shima said...

tq pha is

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